Join The Team

We are glad to hear that you would like to join the Teens United Core Team. We have several positions open. Please read the requirements for of the positions below and apply by using the Google online form below. A member of Teens United will reach out to you to set up your interview should your skill set match the position requirements.

Social Media Manager (Closed)
  • Has experience with platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Has experience engaging audience and growing online followings
  • Can post daily or almost daily
  • Is willing to be an active communicator and leader for others down the line 
Graphics Designer (Open)
  • Has experience with design programs like Adobe or others
  • Can provide with quality illustrations
  • Can meet illustration deadlines
  • Strong work ethic and qualitye 
Backend Programmer (Open)
  • Experienced in computer languages, preferably Java
  • Has high-level knowledge in web design 
  • Can communicate with other programers and attend meetings
  • Can meet deadlines
Marketing and PR Manager (Closed)
  • Experienced in running digital and print marketing campaigns
  • Some understanding of designing marketing pieces 
  • Writing Press Releases and marketing the press release to media
  • Setting up PR/Interviews for the CORE team
Financial Advisor (Closed)
  • Has taken an advanced economics class or is proficient with CFO requirements
  • Knowledge of budget, public accounting, and cash flow
  • Trustworthy and adept at planning
  • Able to constantly communicate and keep record of transactions 
HR Manager (Closed)
  • Has taken a class or is proficient with Human Resources (HR) requirements
  • Knowledge of Hiring, Firing, Managing daily HR issues
  • Ability to write hiring letters, developing company HR policies
  • Trustworthy and adept at planning
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and keep record of transactions