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Empowering Teens Aiding Communities

Make An Impact In Your Community by making Safe, Free and Contact-Less Home Deliveries!

Teens United is a nonprofit run by teens who are passionate about serving their local communities during times of crisis, a natural disaster, or a pandemic. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Teens United volunteers are providing safe, free, and contact-less home delivery of groceries, medicine and other essential items to those at high risk of catching the disease. You are eligible for free home delivery if you fall into any of the groups listed below.

(1) Are you over the age of 55; or
(2) Immunocompromised individual – those individuals with an underlying serious medical condition, like diabetes, heart disease, etc.; or
(3) A Frontline Worker – doctor, nurse, and EMT.; or
(4) Individual diagnosed with COVID-19; or
(5) Special needs individual, such as newly parent with an infant.

Now serving the DC metro area, including Northern Virginia, Montgomery County and parts of Washington, DC.

Need groceries now? Scheduling is easy: Use our online Schedule Delivery form, or send us your request via E-mail.

How Does It Work?

Grocery Delivery Service
Option 1 – You create your own shopping cart. (Preferred Method.)
  • Create your online grocery order on the supermarket website. Select curbside pick-up option at check-out, instead of Delivery option.
  • Next, fill out our online Schedule Delivery form. A Teens United Volunteer will contact you to verify order, and schedule pick-up/delivery of your order right to your doorsteps.

Teens United
Option 2We create your shopping cart
  • Use this option if you want Teens United volunteer to shop for your groceries for you.
  • Just fill out the online Schedule Delivery form and give us your grocery list, name of your favorite supermarket store, and any special instructions. That’s it!
  • Upon receipt of your request, a Teens United volunteer will reach out to you and go over your list, create your cart, and collect estimate payment from you.
  • You can pay for your order right over the phone using your credit card or you may use secure Paypal button on our website to pay for your order.
  • The system will send you a receipt and refund any balance due back to your account.

Remember, our deliveries are always free. Tips are welcome!

How can you help?

Make Deliveries

Volunteer to make deliveries. We need volunteers who can do curb-side pick up and delivery. Remember our deliveries are contact-less and orders are pre-paid.

Delivery Coordinator

As a delivery coordinator volunteer, you are responsible for verifying orders, collecting payments, and coordinating delivery with volunteers. This is done completely online.

Other – Virtual Volunteering opportunities
Teens United also needs volunteers who can help us with social media promotions, blogging, telemarketing, fund raising, and much, much, more. Join the Team.

Donations. Teens United needs your support! Click here to Donate

Our Mission

“Teens United’s Mission is to create a network of volunteers across America who are passionate about serving their communities.”

Our Vision

“Teens United’s Vision is to engage our volunteers during a time of need and to provide aid to the communities affected by an epidemic, a crisis, or a natural disaster.”

Our Goal

“Teens United goals are to empower Teens by giving them tools and opportunities to serve their communities, to provide news and advice that is relevant to the Teens, to provide safe and engaging activities for the Teens.”

Disclaimer: Information and statements made are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Teens United does not assume any liability for use of our free service. Buyer be aware. Please screen your volunteers before requesting delivery. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your healthcare provider or physician immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Teens United assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements.